5 Content Strategies That Drive Traffic


What company doesn’t love traffic? After all, traffic leads to page views and page views can lead to new (or returning) customers. If you’ve been having trouble guiding people to your website, we have a few content strategy suggestions for you:

Longer Blogs

This strategy is especially helpful if your blogs tend to be short. ( You are blogging, right?) If you usually write blogs that are only 200-300 words. switch things up and write a blog that’s 800-900 words. The change will not only make Google “fresh content” spiders happy, but it’ll also intrigue your regular blog followers who are used to your quick reads.

Podcast Interviews

With many people turning to audiobooks, YouTube, and other audible ways to gather information, podcast interviews can be a great way to appeal to people. Seek out someone who knows a lot about (or contributes often to) your industry and ask them a few questions. Record the interview and put it up on your website for visitors to see, but also post it as a podcast so that people can listen to it during their commute or while they’re browsing the web.


Everyone loves something informative that’s also visually appealing, and that’s where infographics come in. By creating your own infographic, you can give people a way to not only learn, but to easily share your information with others. This encourages people to follow through to your website and therefore, up your traffic numbers.

Q&A Blogs

People probably have questions about your products or services, so why not create a Q&A blog to answer them? Collect questions from your customers via your website and your social media profiles, then answer them all in a blog. Your readers will be anxious to know the answers to what they asked.

Text Messages

While text messages are more mobile than content, they’re still a great way to drive traffic to your website. Nearly everyone has a phone these days, and with our text message marketing service, you can remind them of what you have to offer. Whether you’re running a special or keeping them up to date with company changes, you’ll encourage them to click through to your website.