Search engine optimization is an essential part of any digital marketing campaign. However, SEO isn’t just limited to Google rankings – local SEO is an important part of the strategy as well. According to CMG, 50 percent of consumers who do a local search on their smartphone (and 34 percent who use their tablet) visit a local business within 24 hours. If your company hasn’t invested in local SEO techniques, you won’t be a business that these consumers find. Here’s why you shouldn’t ignore local SEO:

Mobile Search

As we mentioned above, more and more consumers are using their smartphones and tablets to search for local businesses. Because of this, mobile search efforts and local SEO can be used to complement each other. When you develop a strategy that has these search factors working together, you’ll have even more opportunities to reach more customers. This is especially true of the millennial customer base, as they use mobile more than anyone else.

Review Credibility

According to a survey by Review Trackers, nearly 64 percent of consumers say they check Google reviews before they choose a company; 94 percent say a negative review has made them avoid a company. With that being said, user reviews are often featured in local listing results. This means local SEO can not only help people find you easily, it can also establish company credibility. If your company has positive reviews, local searchers will see them almost immediately and can form a positive opinion about your business.

Fewer Competitors

Search engine rankings are all about edging out your competitors to be in the top search results. When the industry is narrowed down to local businesses, you’ll notice that there are far fewer competitors you need to overcome. For example, there are far more bakeries in the entire state of Pennsylvania than there are in Philadelphia. When you invest in local SEO, you’ll only have to worry about the bakeries in Philadelphia as your competition. With fewer competitors, you have a better chance of ranking higher.

Local Customer Base

When a local customer needs a product or service, they don’t want to go far to get it; they’ll take to the internet and do a search for something close. If your business hasn’t invested in local SEO techniques, you likely won’t be a top prospect. In turn, you may miss out on a potential customer and when this happens over and over, you lose the opportunity to connect with consumers and form a local and loyal customer base.

If You Ignore Local SEO…

If you don’t take the time to create a local SEO strategy, you essentially give your competitors an advantage. Ignoring local SEO means you could suffer from inaccurate listings, lower Google rankings, a weak online presence, and more. All of these things make your competitors look more appealing to consumers and they’ll be more likely to choose their business than to choose yours. If you’re in need of a local SEO strategy, don’t hesitate to contact the digital marketing experts at Prager. We can help you expand your customer base.