November 2, 2018 by Alyssa / In Marketing

Your company logo is an important part of your business. A logo provides a specific image that makes you recognizable to potential customers. It also gives you the opportunity to express your brand’s personality. When it comes to logo design, the options are virtually endless, but there are a few things you should consider:


You want your company logo to be appealing – especially to those in your audience. When deciding on a logo, think about the individuals you’re targeting. Is your audience mainly women? Do you want to appeal to children? Are you trying to reach business executives? The design of your logo could help you reinforce what you’re offering and why it’s beneficial for your audience. For example, in order for Toys R Us to appeal to children, they created a logo with a backwards “R.”

Brand Colors

Businesses in all industries use colors to evoke emotions, and your company logo can help you do that. As part of your business strategy, decide what colors you want to associate with your brand. Do you want to grab the attention of your audience or imply passion? Red is a good option. Maybe you want to promote happiness or optimism. In that case, choose yellow. To push professionalism and security, choose blue. Once you decide on the right logo, make sure you incorporate your colors for reinforcement. (Just make sure that your logo can still be recognized clearly in plain black-and-white.)


Your logo is what embodies your company’s brand at a glance. This means uniqueness can help set you apart from your competition and make you identifiable. When creating a company logo, do some research to see what others are doing and try to do something different to stand out. For example: if you’re an airline, try to avoid using the image of wings or a bird; if you’re a sports apparel company, try to avoid using a simple black symbol. Determine what makes your company unique and try to incorporate it into your image to draw attraction.


As time goes on, the world evolves and things change. That means your company is likely to as well. The products or services you provide today may not be exactly the same in 25 years. Businesses expand to keep up with the changing times, which means your logo should be able to adapt. When you design your logo, avoid including references that are only relevant today or may only be relevant for a short amount of time. This way, if you want to expand your offerings, you can keep your logo and avoid losing any credibility it’s already established.

If you’re in need of a company logo that helps you solidify your brand and stand out among the competition, contact our digital marketing experts today. We can help you design the perfect one.