Want to Boost Your Marketing Content? Get Your Employees on Board

If our digital marketing company has said it once, we’ve said it a thousand times – content is king in the marketing world. What you choose to show and share with your audience can be the difference between new customers and lost interests, so getting the right stuff out there is key. If you want to boost the success of that content marketing, there’s one thing you can do: get your employees on board.

Social Media Profiles


Social media plays a big role in marketing. Consumers now turn to company Facebook profiles, Twitter profiles, LinkedIn networks, and more to learn more about the company and what is has to offer. All of these channels give potential customers an idea of the brand and culture of a business, but there’s a bigger tool that can help them understand exactly what your company is about – employee profiles.

Consumers love the ability to get to know a company before they commit to it and if they can have a look into the interests and personalities of the people who work there, they can build a stronger bond. If your employees don’t already have Facebook or Twitter accounts, encourage them to create one and build positive profiles of themselves. You’ll appeal to more potential customers and you’ll have several opportunities for content promotion.

Content Promotion

When each of your employees is present on social media, it gives you access to a variety of channels through which to promote your company content. If each employee builds an audience and then shares things like blogs, new product announcements, contests, newsletters, and other company content, they can each reach a different audience and a greater number of people. This gives you more of an opportunity to grow your customer base and your bottom line.

Guest Blogs

At our digital marketing company, we know one of the most popular elements of content marketing is a blog. Blogs can not only promote your products or services, but they can also help your company establish credibility (the more you know, the more positive your reputation becomes). Blogs can be a powerful way to reach people and this power can be multiplied when you have more than one employee writing them. If one person from each department of your company starts writing blogs about their field, you can expand your credibility and have even more content to promote on your social media profiles.

Trackable Metrics

When it comes to organic social media traffic, it can be tough to tell where your clicks come from and what made people want to share your content. However, if you have more than one employee sharing things on social media, you can track which content got the most interest and what kind of audience each is reaching. From there, you can start creating content that you know will be appealing and is more likely to be shared.