Website Support ChatBot Service

The world is a busy place and everyone is always on the go. Save time, money, and manpower by having a support chatbot service installed on your website that can handle an unlimited number of conversations, questions, and appointment setting concurrently. Best of all, our chatbot never needs to sleep and therefore is online and working for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Effectively Communicate

    The best way to both earn and retain customer is to stay engaged with them on their schedule.

  • Reduce Expenses

    Answer common questions via automated means instead of incurring ongoing payroll expenses to do the same.

  • Convert Users

    They are already on your site. Don’t let them leave without placing a call or requesting an appointment online.

  • Get More Reviews

    At the end of your automated conversation with the user you can ask them to leave you reviews for a job well done.

Stay Connected With Your Customers

The service industry is very competitive and if you miss a contact point with a potential customer they may simply move on to the next one. With our chatbot service installed on your website, you’ll be able to have meaningful interaction with users before they call you or fill out your contact form. It’s not so much a chat service as it is a marketing opportunity. If the customer is in a rush or can’t find exactly what they are looking for at first glance, our chatbot can answer their questions instantly and steer them where they need to go. If they have additional questions they will be able to send you a message or give you a call.


Capture Leads You Might Miss

With mobile browsing taking over the majority of searches, it’s important to be available for your customers when they are looking for you. Having our support chatbot installed on your website, you can answer clients 24/7. The chatbot can handle any number of simultaneous queries as well. Even if you had a human-monitored chat service before, you’re still limited to the number of people you have working for you. We also understand that for smaller operations, you’re often in the field and you need to sleep at some point. Don’t let the daily operations of your business get in the way of getting new business.

Custom Responses

When we install the chatbot service on your website, we also customize it with the most commonly asked questions and responses. We use this to help steer your visitors to the info they are looking for and to keep them engaged with your business. Having these custom responses increases the chat completion rate because you’re able to provide answers specific to your service offerings.

Get More 5-Star Reviews

You’ll be able to engage with customers, provide them answers to their questions, then solicit positive reviews. By actively communicating with your customers you will also have the opportunity to nip any bad experiences in the bud. This means more 5-star reviews for your business and more trust for future customers.

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