WordPress Development

Wordpress DevelopmentWhat you’re looking for: A customized Content Management System for your website.When a client comes to us to build them a responsive web design, many of them also want a way to edit the website themselves. That’s where our custom WordPress development company comes in. WordPress began as a blogging platform, but has evolved into a full Content Management System (or CMS, for short) and is used by more than 59 million websites around the word.

Why WordPress?

We love using WordPress to power our clients’ websites because it’s an open source CMS, which means that anyone can access its source code. This gives WordPress a vast community of users that keep the platform constantly updated, fix bugs that may arise, and can offer advice on how to use it. It also means that there are a virtually endless amount of themes, plugins, and tools that our custom WordPress development company can use to make your website unique.

The User Experience

Once your website is built, we’ll teach you how to use WordPress to add your own content, upload images, implement your logo, and make changes at any time. With its many features, WordPress can also help your website’s search engine optimization. It will automatically alert Google to any new blog posts you write or any changes you make to your website. You can also take advantage of the many SEO plugins for WordPress to create custom title tags, description tags, sitemaps, image tags, and more.

With a completely custom WordPress development company like Prager, you can have a website that functions exactly the way you want it to.