Website Maintenance

What you’re looking for: A way to make changes to your website quickly and easily. At Prager, we know that when certain things change at your business, they may also need to change on your website. That’s why our website maintenance company is available to help. Let us introduce you to our ticketing system:ticketing-V3

If you want to change something on your website, such as your product pricing, your coupons or specials, or if you want to add or remove team members, all you have to do is submit a ticket with your request. One of our web development experts will quickly respond to your “open” ticket (often in fewer than 48 hours) and take care of your change – or “close” your ticket. Our ticketing system documents all ticket activity, which means you’ll be able to see both your open tickets and the history of your closed tickets at any time.

If your change is more than just a quick fix and requires more intricate website maintenance services, simply give us a call and we’ll direct you to the expert who can handle your request the best.