Instagram Marketing Management

Instagram has positioned itself as one of the most used social media platforms. With over 1.1 billion users and its image-first model, it creates a great opportunity for businesses to create and share easily-consumable content. Prager’s team of digital experts can create imagery for your social media campaign that will grab the attention of users and entice them to engage in your post, thus helping increase your reach across the platform. We can showcase your culture, products, and services to stay within reach of your customer base.

Instagram Marketing Management Company

How Instagram Marketing Management Works

Like most social media campaigns, your content is key. On Instagram, the bulk of your content is focused on images or videos. The platform is designed to offer users quick blocks of content that are headlined by videos in an easily-scrollable format. When competing for a user’s attention you need to stand out above the rest. Almost everyone that is using Instagram posts professional looking images so it’s important to be as unique as possible to catch the eyes as they scroll by. Prager’s internal team of digital designers and content creators can produce content that is meaningful to your existing and potential customers.

By hiring us to manage the content creation and deployment, you’ll be able to focus on running your business. Our social media experts will strategize campaigns that provide useful information that cuts through the clutter. Let us showcase your business through compelling images and worthwhile content.

Share to Be Seen

As mentioned previously, you are constantly competing for social media users’ attention. By sharing compelling content, you can stand out amongst your competitors and the latest memes or dance crazes. Many businesses struggle with the type of content they should post and at Prager we can help guide those decisions.

If you don’t keep your profile active and updated with new posts, you will never rise to the top or be shown in follower’s feeds. Whether you run a special promotion, capture job site activity or showcase a product, every post increases your opportunity to be seen. Instagram’s integration with Facebook makes them a powerful digital marketing tandem that savvy business owners will harness.

  • Interact With Customers

    Posting new content regularly creates unique opportunities for you to have a dialogue with your existing and potential customers.

  • Eye-Catching Content

    The image-based platform lets you showcase your company with imagery and messages that can captivate the attention of users.

  • Promote Your Business

    By sharing your company culture, products, and services you keep your business top-of-mind and enhance your digital exposure.

  • Reach a Wider Audience

    Leveraging the large user base of Instagram can expand your reach across the internet through shares and even Google searches.

Why Choose Prager to Manage Your Instagram

Simply put, we are digital experts. We can be your marketing team or an extension of your current team that manages your social media presence. We will create and implement an Instagram marketing strategy that is designed to keep you visible and accessible to your existing and potential customers. Let us help you cut through the clutter on social media. Our Instagram marketing management services will encourage interactions and drive traffic back to your website where you can fully showcase your company’s offerings. Contact us today to learn how Prager can help your business thrive on Instagram and beyond.