Facebook Management

Created in 2004, Facebook has become one of the most popular social media platforms on the Internet. It currently has over 845 million active users, and four million of those users are businesses – so at Prager, we feel it’s pretty important to be on Facebook. As part of our social media campaign, we’ll create and manage a Facebook page for your business and help you develop a presence in the social media world.

How It Works

There are many factors that make a Facebook business page successful. After we create your page and add all of your company information, your logo, and the right pictures, we’ll use our social media consulting to study your audience and help you gain a following. Then, we’ll tailor your posts to appeal to both your current customers and potential customers.

Facebook Management

We know that in order to attract to the most Facebook users, your business’s posts need to be the right mixture of industry-related news and information, what’s going on at your company, and general information your followers are interested in. We also know that posting on certain days and at certain times can get you the most exposure and that in order to establish the right customer base, you need the right voice.

What We Can Do

Our Facebook management company experts can help your business build connections, establish credibility, and keep your followers up to date with what your company is all about. We’ll post the latest news, including new products or services, events, future projects, employee updates, and more. We can also coordinate special promotions for you such as contests, giveaways, coupons, and other offerings you may want to propose, and can set up Facebook advertisements.

By having a Facebook presence, you can have access to a nearly endless marketplace of potential customers.