Quality Assurance

Whether you make clothing, manufacture snowboards, or build computers, everything that you present to your clients needs to be of top quality. At Prager, our websites are no different. We check every component of the websites we create and web pages we maintain to make sure they function properly and are free from errors. Our QA (otherwise known as “quality assurance”) process consists of several steps:

Initial QA

During our responsive website design agency’s “initial QA,” we study the work we’ve done and scan it for all types of errors, from broken links to content errors to missing pixels and more. We also study the overall design to make sure all of the colors, fonts, borders, and other elements are correct. If we’re studying an entire website we’ve built, we also make sure all of the usability features are up-to-par.

Final QA

Once we make all of our revisions and after we send our work to our client to revise as well, we launch it (meaning it goes live on the Internet). Some website elements can’t be tested until they are live, such as contact forms or processing pages that require custom programming, so we check our work again after the launch to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Ongoing QA

At our responsive website design agency, we constantly check our work for errors. Each day, no matter what we’re working on, we continuously scan it to ensure that there are no mistakes. We know the importance of QA and how it can affect our reputation, sales, clients, and overall usability, so we’ll never cut corners with our work. We believe in providing quality assurance before, during, and after delivering our solutions.