Social Media Ads Influencing Online Sales

Sponsored ads on social media forums have become the new fad in online advertising. Since this type of advertising technology is a more recent development, its effectiveness has been called into question. Businesses are going to be less likely to invest their marketing budgets into sponsored social media ads unless there is a definite result that they will receive from them. But with the popularity of social media forums growing exponentially every day, the potential for these ads to generate exposure is also growing, making them much more valuable to businesses.

Rising Chart

A joint report by online researching companies Knowledge Networks and MediaPost Communications discovered that 15% of social media users in the United States are more inclined to purchase products and services from brands that they have become familiar with through social media sponsored advertisements. That’s over 30 million people, aged 13-80, who are willing to complete purchases as a result of branding efforts through social media. 25% of people who use social media websites were intrigued enough by a sponsored advertisement to at least visit the company who owned the ad’s website to find out more information on their products or services.

The report also included a study of users who access their social media accounts through their smartphones via applications that they have downloaded.  32% of these users said they would purchase products that come from a brand that they recognize or seen through a social media ad featured on their favorite application. It’s this type of brand recognition that makes users confident about the quality of the products they are selecting from the distributors that they see advertising.

Social media sponsored ads could be a powerful tool for your business. Utilizing this type of marketing properly could mean more potential sales through your business’ website. Social media advertising is a medium that is going to be around for a while, considering that more people are using social media forums every day. It’s an advertising method that could generate a lot of exposure for your business and could connect you with a substantial amount more of potential sales prospects.

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