Don’t Gamble When It Comes to Google and Bing Ads

GOOGLE ADS MANAGER Serving Friendsville, PA

At times, it's necessary to invest in order to go all in. Within numerous sectors, this translates to incorporating a Google Ads Manager as a fundamental strategy to present your brand to potential customers. Prager Microsystems utilizes advanced data analysis and continuous campaign monitoring to guarantee that you attain the greatest visibility while keeping expenses in check. Effective paid search management involves precise targeting and optimization, all with the goal of maximizing your return on investment. Although it may pose challenges, it's an indispensable part of your marketing strategy.

Making PPC Ads on Google and Bing Work for You

How can paid search benefit businesses in Friendsville, PA? Achieving a high ranking in Google's search results is a universal goal. However, it's important to recognize that search engine optimization (SEO) typically demands time for results to materialize. In contrast, a Google Ads Manager can swiftly position your business at the top of the search page.

Paid Search Services Offered

  • Google Ads
  • Product Listing Ads
  • Click-to-Call
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Lead Capture
  • Retargeting
  • And More

Google Ads and Google Analytics Certified Partner

We know paid search, and more importantly, we know Google. The world’s most used search engine is constantly tweaking the algorithms that control what comes up in their search results. They want to make sure that you get the information you are looking for in the fewest steps possible. A number of our digital team members have achieved Google Ads and Google Analytics certifications so that we are equipped to follow the best practices when it comes to paid search management. By completing the courses Google provides and meeting their continuing education requirements, our agency is recognized as a certified Google Partner.

Facebook Advertising Agency

Facebook Ads provide a unique opportunity for businesses, often delivering a lower cost per click thanks to pre-grouped audiences. Unlike Google Ads, where the searcher's identity can be elusive, Facebook provides detailed user information, including demographics, location, and interests. This grants us enhanced targeting capabilities, allowing us to pinpoint potential customers using various selectable criteria. Whether through multi-slide display ads or streamlined lead capture campaigns, we tailor our approach to your needs. Rest assured, the same comprehensive planning, analysis, and reporting process described earlier is implemented in our Facebook paid search management.

Our GOOGLE ADS Management Process

A competent paid search management team is indispensable for maintaining a strong digital presence. Businesses that disregard paid search may find themselves at a disadvantage compared to competitors in search rankings and online visibility. The Prager process is a well-established approach for boosting website performance, securing valuable leads, and improving search engine outcomes. Here, we offer a brief overview of the stages in our process:

Campaign Strategy

Using proprietary metrics and data, Prager’s digital strategists will determine specific and achievable goals, such as reduction of bounce rates, increase in lead quality, targeted ad and landing page content, and a boost in conversion rate. With a clear goal in sight, Prager’s digital marketing experts create campaigns that are aligned with your organization’s highest priorities.

Keyword Research

When it comes to Google Ads, keyword and content development is more than just traditional organic keyword research and the creation of timeless content. Our paid search management team specializes in identifying keywords that not only attract high-quality leads but also improve your quality score. Keyword research involves a nuanced approach, taking into consideration variables like trends, competitor campaigns, and user search behaviors.


An effectively managed and prosperous paid search advertising campaign guides users to the information they expect to find when clicking on your ad. The critical element is aligning search terms and landing page content with the content of your digital ad. This alignment builds trust with users, convincing them that your business can provide what they seek and encouraging them to take action.

Performance Tracking

Another crucial aspect of paid search management involves the meticulous tracking of all advertisements and conversions that lead to online purchases or new leads. We make this data accessible through our real-time Client Extranet, featuring a user-friendly interface. With this tool, you'll have full visibility into every dollar spent and every conversion generated.


The expertise of our paid search management specialists lies in harnessing data to enhance your ads' quality score and boost conversion rates. We conduct routine assessments of search terms and ad performance to pinpoint areas for optimization. Our adaptable approach enables us to adapt strategies in response to evolving market conditions and your shifting priorities.


As mentioned previously, you will have access to our Client Extranet where all of your campaign information will be available to you at any time. The expectations that you set during our initial strategy session will determine the frequency and depth of the performance reviews with our digital marketing team.

The Prager Google Ads Management Difference

Data tells the story. At Prager, we stand as one of the most meticulous paid search management agencies for Friendsville, PA businesses. Our commitment to precision spans every stage, from research and planning to implementation and reporting. It's our unwavering attention to detail that distinguishes us from the competition. We are data-driven through and through, harnessing it to enhance your bottom line.

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