Don’t Gamble When It Comes to Google and Bing Ads


On occasion, you must invest to participate. Within numerous sectors, this translates to a Google Ads Manager being an essential element for showcasing your brand to prospective clients. At Prager Microsystems, we rely on comprehensive data analysis and continuous campaign tracking to guarantee that you attain the greatest visibility at minimal expenses. Effective management of paid search entails precise targeting and optimization, all in pursuit of maximizing your return on investment. While it can be a challenging task, it remains an indispensable component of your marketing strategy.

Making PPC Ads on Google and Bing Work for You

What makes paid search a valuable asset for businesses in Tatamy, PA? It's a common desire for everyone to secure a top spot in Google's search results. The reality is that search engine optimization (SEO) often requires time to show results, making a Google Ads Manager an effective way to quickly reach the top of the search page.

Paid Search Services Offered

  • Google Ads
  • Product Listing Ads
  • Click-to-Call
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Lead Capture
  • Retargeting
  • And More

Google Ads and Google Analytics Certified Partner

We possess a wealth of knowledge in paid search, and more significantly, we are well-acquainted with Google. The world's most utilized search engine is continuously refining the algorithms that dictate what appears in search results. Their primary objective is to deliver the information you seek in the shortest number of steps possible. A considerable number of our digital team members have earned certifications in Google Ads and Google Analytics, ensuring that we maintain the best practices in paid search management. Through the completion of Google's courses and the fulfillment of their ongoing educational prerequisites, our agency stands proudly as a certified Google Partner.

Facebook Advertising Agency

Facebook Ads present a distinct advantage for businesses, often boasting a lower cost per click due to the pre-grouped nature of your audiences. In contrast to Google Ads, where the searcher's identity is often unknown, Facebook offers a wealth of user information, including who they are, where they're located, and their interests. This enables precise targeting with a range of selectable criteria, allowing us to reach potential customers effectively. Our services encompass display ads with multiple slides or simpler lead-capture campaigns that deliver information directly to you. The meticulous planning, analysis, and reporting process outlined previously is equally applied to Facebook paid search management.

Our GOOGLE ADS Management Process

A proficient paid search management team is essential for maintaining a high-performing digital presence. Businesses that overlook the importance of paid search may find themselves trailing competitors in terms of search rankings and online visibility. The Prager process is a tried-and-true method for boosting website performance, capturing valuable leads, and enhancing search engine results. Below, we provide a quick overview of the key steps in our process:

Campaign Strategy

Using exclusive metrics and data, Prager's digital strategists establish precise and achievable goals. These objectives may encompass reducing bounce rates, improving lead quality, fine-tuning ad and landing page content, and amplifying conversion rates. Armed with a well-defined target, Prager's digital marketing specialists design campaigns that seamlessly integrate with your organization's foremost priorities.

Keyword Research

When it comes to Google Ads, keyword and content development is more than just traditional organic keyword research and the creation of timeless content. Our paid search management team specializes in identifying keywords that not only attract high-quality leads but also improve your quality score. Keyword research involves a nuanced approach, taking into consideration variables like trends, competitor campaigns, and user search behaviors.


A well-executed and thriving paid search advertising campaign leads users to the information they were promised upon clicking your ad. The pivotal factor is aligning search terms and landing page content with the content of your digital ad. This congruence establishes trust with users, convincing them that your business can provide the solution they're seeking and motivating them to take action.

Performance Tracking

In paid search management, it's equally essential to accurately track all ads and conversions that result in online purchases or new leads. We offer access to this data through our real-time Client Extranet, designed with an easy-to-use interface. This tool empowers you to monitor every dollar spent and every conversion generated.


The expertise of our paid search management specialists lies in harnessing data to enhance your ads' quality score and boost conversion rates. We conduct routine assessments of search terms and ad performance to pinpoint areas for optimization. Our adaptable approach enables us to adapt strategies in response to evolving market conditions and your shifting priorities.


As mentioned earlier, you will have the privilege of accessing our Client Extranet, where you can readily find all your campaign information at any time. The expectations established during our initial strategy session will govern the frequency and depth of the performance reviews conducted with our digital marketing team.

The Prager Google Ads Management Difference

Data tells the story. At Prager, we stand as one of the most meticulous paid search management agencies for Tatamy, PA businesses. Our commitment to precision spans every stage, from research and planning to implementation and reporting. It's our unwavering attention to detail that distinguishes us from the competition. We are data-driven through and through, harnessing it to enhance your bottom line.

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