Search Engine Optimization Services for Mountville, PA Businesses

Search engine optimization is extremely complex to actually move the needle. In order to successfully compete against the millions of other matching results, you need the help of experienced SEO professionals who have lived in this world every single day since Google was literally created. When done properly, SEO will generate a steady stream of new customers, and over the long term will be your least expensive and most effective form of digital marketing. Let us show you how.

Increasing Web Traffic Starts with Having Your Website Set Up for Success

Google is constantly adjusting their algorithms and the way they choose the websites you see when you perform a search. Search terms, location, website structure, content, and site reputation are all important factors in the complex effort to have your website show atop organic search results. Prager Microsystems offers comprehensive search engine optimization services serving Mountville, PA businesses that generate an improvement in your search ranking. You likely just found us because of the SEO efforts we have incorporated on our own site, so what better proof of our skills than lead by example. There is no quick fix to SEO. It is important to understand this marketing avenue takes time and consistent expansion, however when done properly produces the greatest return.


Our Local SEO Services

Thorough SEO companies utilize all aspects of making Google and other search engines happy. We know what they want, and we start from the bottom using raw data and best practices to improve your website’s structure, content, and overall visibility to your potential customers. When you choose our Mountville, PA search engine optimization services, you’ll be backed by our decades of experience navigating the ever-evolving practice of SEO.

Keyword Research

At the core of the entire search engine optimization process is keyword research. We analyze search trends and cultivate terms and phrases that receive the most traffic and craft the onsite content of your website around them to increase visibility.

Reputation Management

It’s important to keep an eye on your businesses listing on search engines, social media, and other directories. The last thing you want is a few negative reviews or other misinformation to deter a potential customer. We can set up and manage your local Google My Business profile, responding to reviews and posting new content regularly to help your boost your visibility in Mountville and nearby searches.

Link Building

In line with reputation management, link building is important for all websites. Search engines prefer trusted domains and having links to your business from other reputable websites builds their trust in your domain. We create unique content for directory and other website listings that will link back to your website, creating a network of trusted links.

Custom Web Analytics

We Track Everything

You will always know where you stand when you hire Prager for search engine optimization services. We don’t hide behind a cloak of mystery and promise magical solutions. We use real-time and historical data to drive all of our SEO strategies. We also report the resulting data to you via our custom web analytics platform, which you will have 24/7 access to throughout our campaign. We will schedule regular performance review sessions with you where we break down the data, answer any questions you may have, and discuss new strategic efforts for the upcoming months. Our success is measured by an increase in your website traffic and SEO rankings on the keywords chosen throughout your campaign.

Custom Web Analytics

Give the People What They Want

Content is still king. Google and other search engines want to connect users to the answers they are looking for as quickly and easily as possible. A key to every successful SEO plan is organized and optimized content. Your website content needs to be tailored around providing users those answers. The content also must be technically structured in a way that search engines can easily read when they crawl your site.

The Prager SEO Process

Let’s break down our team’s internal 6 step SEO process:

  • Initial Discovery

    We get to know you, your business, and the geographic locations you are targeting.

  • Keyword Research

    To get you in front of users when they search, we must analyze and choose the best keywords to target.

  • Technical Audit

    We perform an audit of your site to identify any structural issues that may confuse the search engines.

  • Campaign Strategy

    We will determine a plan of attack that will serve as our roadmap to improving your SEO ranking.

  • Content Creation & Optimization

    Our SEO team will craft expertly structured and written content around the chosen keywords.

  • Track, Analyze & Report

    Now that we have implemented the strategy, we track your performance and adjust efforts based on the data.

See the Prager Difference

We’re are only as good as our next success, but have built a vast foundation of success stories over the years. There is great pride in what we do because we put in whatever work necessary to attain your goals. Our team of SEO experts is eager for the opportunity to boost the visibility of your company’s website. Contact us and we’ll show you tangible results achieved for businesses just like yours.