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At Prager Microsystems, we have a knack for striking a balance between captivating, mobile-friendly web design and effective content strategy and SEO optimization. It's easy for most web design agencies to create visually appealing websites, but the essential questions are: how will potential customers locate your site, and what will they do when they arrive? Research lies at the heart of our approach. We thoroughly examine trends and your competition to determine what works and what doesn't. This valuable insight is then translated into a website that you can proudly call your own, while also driving new customers to your site and encouraging them to reach out on their own.

There’s A Lot More Than Just Responsive Web Design

We're your Gallitzin, PA web design partner, focused on conversions. It's not just about having a stunning new website; it's about making connections with your potential customers where it counts. If they're not picking up the phone, sending an email, or filling out a form when they land on your site, you're missing out on an opportunity to gain new clients or customers. Our responsive websites are both visually appealing and strategically designed, incorporating compelling calls to action within our expertly crafted content.

To sum it up, our mission as a web design agency is to empower Gallitzin, PA businesses to create websites that truly convert. Merely having an attractive new website won't ensure that you establish connections with your potential customers at critical moments. If they're not reaching out through calls, emails, or form submissions when they visit your site, you're forfeiting the opportunity to acquire a new client or customer. Our responsive websites not only have an appealing visual presence but also strategically integrate compelling calls to action throughout our carefully curated content.

Landing Page Design & Optimization

Whether you're operating in highly competitive sectors such as Home Improvement and HVAC or have a more specialized business like Electrostatic Cleaning Services, Gallitzin, PA businesses turn to Prager Microsystems as their trusted web design agency. We specialize in crafting tailored, laser-focused landing pages that not only enhance your online discoverability but also effectively convert visitors into valuable leads. After all, you found us through a web search, right? We harness the power of competitor analysis and keyword trend insights to ensure your custom website pages reach the widest possible audience. If you have time-sensitive content to promote, rest assured that we can swiftly deploy a new landing page for your needs.

WordPress Websites for the Best Content Management

Today more than ever before, content is king. Every custom website we build starts on the WordPress framework. WordPress web design allows for the easy creation of content to help market your business and be found when users are searching for the services you provide. Our design team and content experts work together to ensure that your website gets your message across and can be easily updated to adjust to the ever-changing online landscape.

Our Web Design Process

Outlined below are just some of the steps we take when approaching a new project.


We’ll talk with you to discuss your goals and the scope of the web design project.

Digital Strategy

Our team will conduct competitor and keyword research to come up with a plan for the site.

Content Creation

Our designers and digital strategists will work together to determine what content goes where.

Design Mockups

We will share with you a mockup of the new site design. Upon approval, we can start building.


Our development team will code your new responsive website and make it come to life.

Quality Assurance

We’ll perform a thorough pre-launch review of the site content, images, and SEO optimization.

Website Launch

We’ll flip the magical internet switch and your site will now be live for all to see.


Depending on the campaign we have developed with you, we will get right to work marketing your site.

Hire Our Web Design Agency

Should you have any questions about our custom web design approach, we're just a click or call away. We pride ourselves on deeply understanding our clients and their businesses to deliver a product that not only makes you proud but also positively impacts your bottom line. Reach out to Prager Microsystems, your trusted web design agency, today.

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