Don’t Gamble When It Comes to Google and Bing Ads

GOOGLE ADS MANAGER Serving Sewickley, PA

Sometimes you have to pay to play. In many industries, that means a Google Ads Manager is a key component to get your name in front of potential customers. At Prager Microsystems, we use deep data and real-time campaign monitoring to ensure you are getting the most exposure for the lowest cost. Good paid search management revolves around making sure that your efforts are highly targeted and optimized to ensure maximum ROI. It can be a frustrating game to play, but is a vital piece of the marketing mix.

Making PPC Ads on Google and Bing Work for You

What advantages does paid search offer to businesses in Sewickley, PA? Everyone aspires to secure a prominent position in Google's search results. The reality is that search engine optimization (SEO) often entails a gradual process. In contrast, a Google Ads Manager can provide an almost immediate top-of-page presence in search results.

Paid Search Services Offered

  • Google Ads
  • Product Listing Ads
  • Click-to-Call
  • Facebook Ads
  • Facebook Lead Capture
  • Retargeting
  • And More

Google Ads and Google Analytics Certified Partner

We know paid search, and more importantly, we know Google. The world’s most used search engine is constantly tweaking the algorithms that control what comes up in their search results. They want to make sure that you get the information you are looking for in the fewest steps possible. A number of our digital team members have achieved Google Ads and Google Analytics certifications so that we are equipped to follow the best practices when it comes to paid search management. By completing the courses Google provides and meeting their continuing education requirements, our agency is recognized as a certified Google Partner.

Facebook Advertising Agency

Facebook Ads offer a unique opportunity for businesses with typically a lower cost per click since your audiences are already grouped. With Google Ads, we rarely know who is performing the search, whereas, on Facebook, we know who they are, where they are, and what they like. This offers enhanced targeting to really pinpoint potential customers with a number of selectable criteria. We can provide display ads that offer multiple slides or more simple campaigns that capture lead information that will be sent to you. The same detailed planning, analyzing, and reporting process outlined above is followed for Facebook paid search management.

Our GOOGLE ADS Management Process

A proficient paid search management team is essential for maintaining a high-performing digital presence. Businesses that overlook the importance of paid search may find themselves trailing competitors in terms of search rankings and online visibility. The Prager process is a tried-and-true method for boosting website performance, capturing valuable leads, and enhancing search engine results. Below, we provide a quick overview of the key steps in our process:

Campaign Strategy

Prager's digital strategists leverage exclusive metrics and data to establish concrete and attainable objectives. These goals may encompass reducing bounce rates, enhancing lead quality, optimizing ad and landing page content, and elevating conversion rates. With a well-defined target in mind, Prager's digital marketing specialists craft campaigns that align perfectly with your organization's top priorities.

Keyword Research

In the realm of Google Ads, keyword and content development go beyond the conventional organic keyword research and the creation of evergreen content. Our paid search management team excels at discovering keywords that not only bring in top-notch leads but also enhance your quality score. The process of keyword research is intricate, accounting for factors like trends, competitor campaigns, and user search behaviors.


An effectively managed and prosperous paid search advertising campaign guides users to the information they expect to find when clicking on your ad. The critical element is aligning search terms and landing page content with the content of your digital ad. This alignment builds trust with users, convincing them that your business can provide what they seek and encouraging them to take action.

Performance Tracking

In paid search management, it's equally essential to accurately track all ads and conversions that result in online purchases or new leads. We offer access to this data through our real-time Client Extranet, designed with an easy-to-use interface. This tool empowers you to monitor every dollar spent and every conversion generated.


The proficiency of our paid search management specialists shines through in their ability to use data to enhance your ads' quality score and drive up conversion rates. We maintain a consistent review of search terms and ad performance to uncover opportunities for optimization. Our flexible approach enables us to adjust strategies when market conditions shift, aligning with your changing priorities.


As mentioned earlier, you will have the privilege of accessing our Client Extranet, where you can readily find all your campaign information at any time. The expectations established during our initial strategy session will govern the frequency and depth of the performance reviews conducted with our digital marketing team.

The Prager Google Ads Management Difference

Data speaks volumes. At Prager, we take immense pride in being one of the most thorough paid search management agencies serving Sewickley, PA businesses. Our dedication to precision extends across all phases, encompassing research, planning, implementation, and reporting. It's our meticulous focus on the finer points that truly sets us apart from the competition. We have an appetite for data, and we use it to boost your bottom line.

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