Keep Your Site Secure and Properly Updated

Website Maintenance & Web design Serving Baptistown, NJ

Website administration can be a time-consuming responsibility. From the ongoing content updates to the diligent oversight of security and performance, the task of maintaining a website is never-ending. Regardless of the scale of your website, our website maintenance packages and website design services are available to assist you in ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Keep Your Site Healthy and Secure

Developing your website entailed a substantial commitment of time and financial resources. It is crucial to maintain the well-being and security of your website through regular software updates. We are aware that many companies, especially in Baptistown, NJ, may lack the necessary time or technical expertise for effective website maintenance. To address this, we provide a range of cost-effective website maintenance packages and website design services designed to act as an extension of your administrative staff.

Managing Plugin Updates and Security

Websites commonly incorporate plugins, themes, and other addons to enhance their functionality. When these elements are not regularly maintained and updated, your website can become susceptible to malfunction. Moreover, outdated software within these components can present a security concern by potentially allowing unauthorized access to your site. These vulnerabilities can expose your domain to malicious code and inappropriate content. It is crucial to have a clear understanding of the plugins you have and to take the necessary steps to ensure their security.

Tired of Dealing with Your Current Provider?

When you initially contracted the company to build your website, they appeared to be a perfect fit. However, now that your design project is concluded, their attention seems to have shifted elsewhere, making it challenging to have timely updates made to your website. At Prager, our website maintenance and web design team specializes in providing on-demand website updates and efficient issue resolution, often with same-day or next-day turnaround. We are committed to serving your needs, no matter the scope or urgency. Whether it's a minor sentence update or the creation of an entirely new section, our team remains responsive and ensures your requests are completed promptly. And in the rare event that an update takes longer than expected, you won't incur any additional charges.

On-Demand Website Maintenance

Our comprehensive digital marketing agency is designed to provide all our clients with top-tier support. Through our website maintenance services, we consistently monitor your site and are prepared to swiftly address any urgent updates. When you reach out to us by phone or email, we prioritize immediate responses to schedule the necessary work promptly. Our pricing plans are both budget-friendly and transparent, ensuring that you have full clarity about your website maintenance costs in advance, without any unexpected billing surprises once the work is finished.

Keeping Your Website Current is Just a Piece of the Puzzle

Website maintenance is only a part of having a successful digital footprint. How do you get visitors to find you? Our full-service digital agency offers several digital marketing solutions such as search engine optimization, paid search management, social media management, and email marketing. These digital efforts, paired with a website maintenance package can elevate your website and your business.

Managed Web Hosting for WordPress and More

If your website is running sluggish or you're unsatisfied with your current web hosting provider, our monthly web hosting plans are a suitable option for any custom website, regardless of its framework. We can easily integrate our website maintenance and hosting services, guaranteeing you a fixed monthly cost for all your website needs. Taking control of your server empowers us to fine-tune your site at the hardware level, ensuring you enjoy maximum speed and uptime. Even if you intend to retain your current hosting, we are fully equipped to manage all your software updates and plugin management requirements.

Search Engine Optimization

It's a common oversight for many to not realize that SEO is an integral component of your website's overall well-being. The way your site is coded, its page layout, content, and more collectively influence its discoverability on the internet. Effective Search Engine Optimization entails a thorough analysis of industry best practices, meticulous keyword research, and a firm grasp of the ever-evolving search engine indexing algorithms. We can conduct a comprehensive audit of your website, identify any pressing areas for improvement, and strategize a plan to position your site ahead of the competition.

Contact Prager for Baptistown, NJ Website Maintenance Packages

Each website possesses its own distinctive qualities and should be handled accordingly. That's precisely why you won't encounter a standardized pricing table with catchy website maintenance package names here. Our approach is entirely tailored, and we strive to understand your specific requirements before crafting a customized web maintenance plan that perfectly suits you. To discover how Prager can alleviate the burden of website maintenance for you, reach out to us today.

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