Web Design Company Serving Three Bridges, NJ

At Prager Microsystems we excel at balancing eye-catching, mobile-friendly web design with content strategy and SEO optimization. Almost any web design company can make you something that looks good, but how will your potential customers find you and what will they do when they are on your website are the important questions. At the heart of everything we do is research. We analyze trends and your competition to see what works and what doesn’t. That information is then translated into a website that you will be proud to call your own while also helping new customers find your website and call you…on their own.

There’s A Lot More Than Just Responsive Web Design

Screen Size Does Matter. More than half of website users are using mobile phones or tablets. Depending on your business, this number could be closer to 75% or more. It is important to have a website that is designed for all screens and that is why hiring a responsive web design company like us is important. We’ll make sure your Three Bridges business is represented professionally and masterfully marketed so that users can find you if they are at home, work, or on the go.

The bottom line is we’re a web design company helping businesses in Three Bridges, NJ produce websites that actually convert. Simply having a beautiful new website does not guarantee you’ll connect with your potential customers where it matters most. If they are not calling, emailing or filling out a form when they get to your site, you’re missing an opportunity to earn a new client or customer. Our responsive websites look good and are designed to incorporate meaningful calls to action throughout the expertly curated content.

Landing Page Design & Optimization

Whether you’re in highly competitive businesses like Home Improvement and HVAC, or a more niche business like Electrostatic Cleaning Services, Prager Microsystems is the go-to web design company for Three Bridges, NJ businesses. We are able to create customized, targeted landing pages that not only get you discovered in web searches but will convert users into leads once they end up on your site. After all, you found us via search, didn’t you? We use competitor research and keyword trend reporting to best discover what will put the pages of your custom website in front of as many users as possible. Even if you have something time-sensitive that you want to target, we are able to stand up a new landing page fairly quickly.

WordPress Websites

WordPress Websites for the Best Content Management

Today more than ever before, content is king. Every custom website we build starts on the WordPress framework. WordPress web design allows for the easy creation of content to help market your business and be found when users are searching for services you provide. Our design team and content experts work together to ensure that your website gets your message across and can be easily updated to adjust with the ever-changing online landscape.

Our Web Design Process

Outlined below are just some of the steps we take when approaching a new project.

  • Discovery

    We’ll talk with you to discuss your goals and the scope of the web design project.

  • Digital Strategy

    Our team will conduct competitor and keyword research to come up with a plan for the site.

  • Content Curation / Creation

    Our designers and digital strategists will work together to determine what content goes where.

  • Design Mockups

    We will share with you a mockup of the new site design. Upon approval, we can start building.

  • Development

    Our development team will code your new responsive website and make it come to life.

  • Quality Assurance (QA)

    We’ll perform a thorough pre-launch review of the site content, images, and SEO optimization.

  • Website Launch

    We’ll flip the magical internet switch and your site will now be live for all to see.

  • Continued Optimization

    Depending on the campaign we have developed with you, we will get right to work marketing your site.

Hire Our Web Design Company

If you have any questions about our custom web design process, we are just a click or call away. We take pride in getting to know our clients and their businesses inside and out so that we can deliver a product that you are proud of and will ultimately improve your bottom line. Contact the expert web design company, Prager Microsystems today.