Keep Your Site Secure and Properly Updated

Website Maintenance & Web design Serving Lothian, MD

Website administration can be a time-consuming responsibility. From the ongoing content updates to the diligent oversight of security and performance, the task of maintaining a website is never-ending. Regardless of the scale of your website, our website maintenance packages and website design services are available to assist you in ensuring everything runs smoothly.

Keep Your Site Healthy and Secure

The construction of your website was a significant investment, both in terms of time and financial resources. Preserving the health and security of your website through consistent software updates is a top priority. We understand that many businesses, particularly in Lothian, MD, may not have the time or technical knowledge required for proper website maintenance. That's why we offer a variety of affordable website maintenance packages and website design services, allowing us to function as a cost-effective extension of your administrative team.

Managing Plugin Updates and Security

Websites commonly rely on plugins, themes, and other addons to expand their capabilities. Neglecting the maintenance and updates of these components can result in your site breaking down. Additionally, outdated software within these elements can create security vulnerabilities, potentially leading to unauthorized access to your website. These vulnerabilities can expose your domain to malicious code and inappropriate content. It is essential to keep track of your plugins and take measures to ensure their security.

Tired of Dealing with Your Current Provider?

When you initially trusted the services of the company to build your website, they appeared to be an ideal choice. However, now that your design project has concluded, it's proving difficult to have updates implemented on your website in a timely manner. At Prager, our website maintenance and web design team specializes in offering on-demand website updates and swift issue resolution, often with same-day or next-day turnaround. We are committed to serving your needs, no matter the size or urgency. Whether you require a minor sentence alteration or the creation of an entirely new section, our team remains responsive and ensures that your requests are completed promptly. Furthermore, if, by any chance, an update takes longer than expected, there will be no additional charge.

On-Demand Website Maintenance

Our full-service digital marketing agency is structured to deliver an exceptional level of support to every client. With our website maintenance services, we maintain a continuous watch over your site and are prepared to address updates promptly in case of urgent needs. When you get in touch with us via phone or email, expect a swift response to schedule the necessary work. Our pricing plans are transparent and affordable, ensuring that you always have a clear understanding of your website maintenance expenses upfront, without any unforeseen billing surprises following the completion of the work.

Keeping Your Website Current is Just a Piece of the Puzzle

Website maintenance is merely one facet of establishing a successful digital presence. But how do you attract visitors? Our all-inclusive digital agency provides a variety of digital marketing solutions, including search engine optimization, paid search management, social media management, and email marketing. When combined with a website maintenance package, these digital strategies have the power to elevate both your website and your business.

Managed Web Hosting for WordPress and More

In the event that your website is running slowly or you're not satisfied with your current web hosting provider, our monthly web hosting plans are available for all custom websites, regardless of the framework they use. We can seamlessly merge our website maintenance and hosting plans, giving you a predictable monthly expense for all your website requirements. Exercising control over your server allows us to optimize your site at the hardware level, ensuring you experience top-notch speed and uptime. Even if you choose to stick with your current hosting, we can still handle all your software updates and plugin management needs.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is an integral aspect of your website's well-being. The way your site is coded, its page layout, content, and numerous other factors collectively influence your online discoverability. Effective Search Engine Optimization necessitates a thorough examination of industry best practices, in-depth keyword research, and a grasp of the continually evolving search engine indexing algorithms. We can conduct an audit of your website to identify any pressing areas for enhancement and subsequently develop a strategic plan to elevate your site above the competition.

Contact Prager for Lothian, MD Website Maintenance Packages

Every website is unique and should be treated as such. That’s why you won’t find a table of pricing tiers with clever website maintenance package names here. Everything we do is custom, therefore want to get to know you and what you need before building a web maintenance plan that works for you. To find out how Prager can help reduce the stress of website maintenance for you, contact us today.

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