As a results-driven organization, we place great emphasis on producing performance metrics that accurately measure and track the success of all marketing campaigns executed for our clients. Today, I am proud to announce the release of a significant upgrade to our organic search engine ranking service – one of the critical components of our digital marketing agency.

Up until this point, we provided organic ranking updates to our clients every 15 days, tracking all of the critical keyword positions on Google, Yahoo, and Bing. This was done due to the considerable processing time it takes to check organic rankings for thousands of individual keyword phrases. Today, with a little help from Amazon Web Services, we tap into the tremendous horsepower of Amazon data centers and now report complete organic ranking updates for our clients on a daily basis!

In addition, we are storing a complete daily ranking history for every keyword, in every campaign, for the lifetime of each account. This data is then aggregated into trend graphs to easily visualize any changes in ranking behavior as it occurs.

This upgrade allows us a much greater visibility of the effects of algorithm updates occurring continuously at Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Due to having continuous and near real-time ranking data, we are now able to effectively monitor, strategize, and respond to changes in the search landscape much faster than before. This provides yet another critical avenue for our search engine optimization specialists to keep you ahead of your competition, regardless of how aggressively they attempt to outrank you.

The ranking enhancements have been rolled out to all active clients and are available now through your Prager extranet account. Please login to your account and click on the search engine ranking tab to view the new system. If you are not a current client and would like to receive a demonstration of our new search engine ranking service and proprietary client extranet, please contact our digital marketing agency.

As always, we welcome and encourage all feedback!