Winner Airport Parking

Winner Airport Parking is a Philadelphia airport valet service. Their insured, courteous drivers valet customers directly to the airport in the comfort of their own car to skip the hassle of parking at the airport. When customers return from their trip, Winner immediately delivers the customer’s car to the airport baggage claim, hands over the keys, and sends the customer on their way home in record time.

Prager Microsystems was initially hired in 2008 to improve the organic search engine rankings for Winner’s website by providing SEO marketing services. At the time, Winner was relying very heavily on paid search as the primary source for new reservations at a very high customer acquisition cost. After an overwhelming success by establishing top 4 organic Google rankings for their most competitive keyword phrases, our airport parking SEO experts were able to completely remove the paid search program and expanded into other areas such as a complete responsive site redesign, initiated an aggressive e-mail marketing program, and integrated an online reservation system.


Video Testimonial

“I needed someone to drive real market share because I’m up against the largest corporations in the industry. Prager delivered and continues to deliver on that promise.”

As Owner at Winner Airport Parking, Pete Carrea has experienced a significant growth in market share since beginning work with us in 2008. Here are Pete’s thoughts in his own words.


Establishing top organic rankings through strategic airport parking SEO services allowed Winner to completely remove paid search from the airport parking digital marketing mix while still enjoying record traffic growth.

Like many businesses who want to compete in search, the first logical step is Google Adwords to gain immediate exposure. Unfortunately, paying for each click on competitive phrases becomes prohibitively expensive very quickly. We were able to identify top converting phrases from Adwords and establish organic rankings for same phrases quickly through very aggressive search engine optimization.

We continued this process until all core phrases were ranked on the first page of organic results on all major search engines, thus rendering the necessity for paid search obsolete. The result of replacing paid clicks with free clicks translated to a considerable cost savings while at the same time generating significantly more traffic than paid search for a fraction of the cost.

Web Development

We redesigned the site and saw a significant decrease in bounce rates and subsequent increase in visit length.

Winner’s original website was designed almost exclusively in Flash, a technology that is extremely difficult for search engines to properly rank in addition to being very smart phone unfriendly. With Winner’s growth in traffic from our search engine optimization efforts, the necessity for a site redesign became quickly apparent. Their new website is now much easier to navigate both from smartphones as well as on desktop platforms while still retaining the branding the previous site established and customers have grown accustomed to.



Reputation Management

You can’t make everyone happy in the airport parking business. We monitor and address all online complains to ensure Winner’s brand remains strong.

When you valet tens of thousands of cars each year, issues will inevitably arise. Unfortunately, it is an all too common practice for disheveled customers to take out their frustrations through posting negative comments online, even when they’re in the wrong. If left unchecked, mounting negative reviews can not only deter future customers, but more critically impact website traffic because search engines heavily factor social signals into their ranking algorithms.

By managing Winner’s online reputation, we quickly identify all negative comments and address each with a diplomatic, personalized response to resolve the situation. This not only positions Winner as a good business Samaritan, but also safeguards their online brand and reputation.

Additional Services Provided

Custom Web Analytics

We developed a coupon strategy and corresponding reports to determine which of the hundreds of keywords optimized convert the best through generating actual reservation revenue.

Content Strategy

As part of ongoing search engine optimization, we create all content for the website to ensure it adheres to the technical requirements for search but also entices visitors to learn more.

Email Marketing

We handle all airport parking digital marketing email initiatives to stay in front of previous customers to offer them incentives to return to Winner during their next trip out of Philadelphia International Airport.