P.J. Fitzpatrick

P.J. Fitzpatrick is a full-service home improvement company. Begun by Peter Fitzpatrick in 1980, the award-winning company offers home roofing, siding, window, door, gutter, and insulation repairs and installation to residents all over the greater Philadelphia area and the Delaware Valley.

Prager was initially contracted to improve the number of visitors to P.J. Fitzpatrick’s website and increase their overall sales. After we achieved both of these goals, we moved on to become their entire contractor digital marketing department and handle everything web-related.

Video Testimonial

“digital marketing [leads] have increased tremendously since Prager’s been handling our campaign… we’re getting a lot of business we wouldn’t normally get.”

As Director of Business Development at P.J. Fitzpatrick, Almena Faux has seen their home improvement company progress since beginning work with us in December of 2008. She couldn’t be happier with the results.

Responsive Web Design

Responsive Web Design

After we launched our responsive website design, P.J. Fitzpatrick’s conversions increased to over 11%.

We redesigned P.J. Fitzpatrick’s original website many years ago to properly compete in the online market and generate new rankings. At the time of the first redesign, however, smart phones did not exist; therefore, the site was not optimally developed for mobile devices. With an exponential increase in mobile and tablet users visiting their website, it became crucial to upgrade their website to a responsive website design.

While in the process of recoding their website, our contractor digital marketing company made a host of additional improvements to focus on conversions and the overall user experience. The result was a sizeable increase in service requests originating from the web and a much lower bounce rate from mobile devices.

Search engine referrals have increased by 370% since we began our SEO efforts.

With multiple office locations, P.J. Fitzpatrick’s service area and target market spans across four states, 13 counties and nearly 100 cities. As such, the goal of our search engine optimization campaign is to make sure that their website ranks highly in search engines for the thousands of potential searches for all services provided in their service areas.

As an example: If a homeowner in Delaware is looking for a roofing company, we make sure that P.J. Fitzpatrick’s website is optimized to show at the top of the Delaware rankings on Google. Search engines are constantly changing their algorithms, how they index websites, and the order in which they display rankings. We proactively monitor all changes and implement constantly evolving updates to keep their business at the top of the search results.

Custom Web Analytics

Providing sophisticated website analytics has helped increase P.J. Fitzpatrick’s ROI by over 260%.

Through our proprietary Client Extranet, we’re able to monitor and track the success of all contractor digital marketing activities. Our custom analytics not only shows how many people visit their website, but which keyword phrases they search, how they enter the website, and which action they ultimately take – whether it be placing a telephone call or completing a contact form. Being armed with crucial conversion data helps make vital marketing decisions much easier.

With all of these reports, we’ve significantly increased their return on investment. Knowing which pages convert the best, which are most frequently viewed, and which provide the lowest bounce rate allows us to target the most important messages on the most important pages. From email marketing and paid search to social media – we know exactly where traffic is coming from and how successful it is.

Web Development

We maintain the entire P.J. Fitzpatrick website, from simple updates to building complex database-driven applications.

Content Strategy

Our experts research the home improvement industry and keep up with the latest trends to write successful content.

Email Marketing

We provide valuable reporting on conversions and read-through rates for P.J. Fitzpatrick’s promotions and contests.