Oliver Heating & Cooling

Oliver is the premier provider of heating, cooling, plumbing, and electrical solutions in the tri-state area of Pennsylvania, New Jersey, and Delaware.

Prager was initially hired to redesign the website into a responsive format, allowing for an updated graphic design, ease of navigation, and complete accessibility on mobile devices. During the redesign process, our HVAC digital marketing team also completely rewrote the HTML code from the ground up to be considerably more search engine friendly in addition to optimizing numerous site elements to assist with organic rankings.

Oliver Heating & Cooling

Video Testimonial

“I’m really pleased that they delivered on what they said they would deliver on. Everything is singing in harmony now.”

Bernie Sweeney, Vice President of Sales at Oliver Heating and Cooling, came to us for assistance with website design and HVAC digital marketing. Today, he sees the results of our work paying off and looks forward to seeing everything continue to grow.

Paid Search Engine Referrals

Paid Search Engine Referrals

Paid Search

We assumed all management aspects of Google AdWords to lower overall CPC and retarget individual keyword phrases for maximum effectiveness.

Oliver had an existing paid search strategy in place originally setup by another firm. After a comprehensive review, we uncovered numerous inefficiencies and keywords that were either poorly converting or not at all. Our solution was to reconstruct the entire program and eliminate these inefficiencies.

Through meticulous keyword research, competitor assessment, ad copywriting, and daily bid management, we launched a new program that is outperforming the previous program across all key metrics. Most importantly, all of this was completed at a considerably lower cost, representing thousands in savings each month.

Web Development

We assumed all website maintenance responsibilities to ensure all website material is fresh and up to date.

The most effective websites are those that are constantly tweaked, augmented, and kept up-to-date. During the redesign process, we handled all maintenance requests for Oliver ranging from updating ongoing specials and coupons on the site, keeping their service territory current, maintained the “what’s happening” section on the site, and others.

Track and Record Phone Calls

Track and Record Phone Calls

Custom Web Analytics

We implemented our voice analytics platform to precisely measure lead source and medium utilized.

One of the most crucial components to any HVAC digital marketing campaign is the accurate measurement of individual program performance. One of the more challenging aspects to measure is that of inbound telephone calls reconciled back to the individual marketing source from where the call originated. Our voice analytics service solves this by displaying unique telephone numbers linked to the originating lead source, allowing for the precise measurement of how effective various marketing channels are, both online and offline.

Having the ability to differentiate between which source is simply sending site traffic compared to which source is actually generating telephone calls, Oliver is able to make strategic marketing changes quickly with full insight as to how each affects actual business instead of just site traffic.

Additional Services Provided

Content Strategy

As part of site redesign, our HVAC web design company assisted with creating unique page titles, descriptions, and content adjustments throughout the site.

Enterprise SEO

We handle all search engine optimization and related initiatives for Oliver, building this channel to be the single largest lead generation source in their marketing mix.

Custom Programming

Working with Oliver’s payment processor, we redesigned their online payment form to properly function within the new design and process transactions securely.