For years, marketing companies have been debating about whether it’s better to use a paid search campaign or organic optimization to increase their website traffic. While there’s no right answer on which is better, there are definite benefits to using each one.

Let’s start at the beginning:

When you use a paid search campaign, you pay an advertising fee to have your company’s ads show up on the first page of search engine ad lists. This fee is usually based on a cost-per-click, which means you pay a certain amount every time someone clicks on your ad. In order to get higher on the ad lists, you usually have to pay more.

Organic search results, on the other hand, are generated based on your content’s quality and how relevant it is to the search query. The higher the quality and more relevant the content, the higher on the results list your company will appear. Unlike paid search, you can’t pay to gain rankings – you have to optimize your website.

Which Should You Choose?

That all depends on what kind of results you want and what kind of effort you want to put into your campaign. Both strategies can be a successful way to market your business: When you use a paid search campaign, you’ll be able to increase your company’s exposure immediately and improve your website traffic. With these immediate results, however, comes maintenance. You’ll have to pay close attention to how your competitors’ ads are changing and you’ll only be visible on search engines that support paid search campaigns.

When you optimize your website for organic search results, you’ll save money, but you’ll also have to be patient. After you optimize, it will take time for your company to move up in the rankings. You’ll also be able to establish credibility with your website visitors by providing and expanding on reliable content. Plus, search engine users are more likely to trust an organic search result than a paid ad.

Quick benefits:
Paid search:
* Keyword phrase control: You can control exactly which phrases web users see and which phrases your company is associated with.
* Guaranteed exposure: Your advertising fees will guarantee you search engine exposure.
* Immediate website traffic results: Because you don’t have to wait for your optimized content to be ranked, you can get more immediate traffic.

Organic search:
* More credibility: Organic search results are more trusted by web users than paid ads.
* Long-term success: Once you optimize your website, it’ll always be optimized.
* It’s free: You don’t have to spend money to gain exposure.

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