Knowing where your website traffic comes from (whether it be organic search engines or paid advertisements) is a great way to track the success of your marketing campaign, but do you ever wish you would invest in other ways? Perhaps ways that are customized specifically to your business?

How About Voice Analytics?

If most of your business comes from sales calls, voice analytics is one of the best tools you can implement. Voice analytics will record all of your sales call conversations and allow you to play them back. By listening to them, you can decipher whether your sales employees are making the right moves in order to close a deal. With this system, we can assign unique phone numbers to different keyword phrases associated with your industry. That way, you’ll be able to tell which phrase converts the most and which the converts least and adjust your campaign accordingly.

Or Multivariate Testing?

Have you ever been in a decision-making situation and thought, “I wish I could use both and see which people like better.”? With multivariate testing, you can. We can create several versions of something and launch them all. Then, after tracking how many people clicked on each, we can tell you which did the best. Whether it’s the color of a call-to-action, a home page picture, the wording for a contact form, or another website element, you’ll be able to tell which gets you the most conversions.

Ever Try Conversion Tracking?

Find out how your visitors got to your website. Did they click through from a search engine? A social media post? A paid ad?

And what kind of keyword phrase did they use to find you? Something you’ve been optimizing for? Something you need to focus on more?

Once they clicked into your site, where did they go? Did they stay on the home page long? Did they click right through to the contact page?

Our conversion tracking can give you the answers to all of these questions. You’ll be able to understand the exact behavior of your website visitors, from how they got there to what they clicked on to when they left. Knowing these details, along with details from multivariate tests and voice analytics, you can plan out a marketing campaign that you know will work. Give our web analytics consulting company a call today to get started.