What is social media marketing?

Social media marketing is the act of using social media platforms (such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, etc.) to drive traffic to your website. By creating posts or tweets that are likeable and shareable, you can gain a following, boost your company’s exposure, and increase your company’s leads or sales.

How does social media affect business communication?

Before social media, those interested in a business had to learn about the latest products or events through email marketing (which is still widely used) or the business’s website. These days, however, businesses use social media to keep people up to date on what’s new. Many businesses also deal with customer service issues via social media and use the many platforms to get feedback from their customers.

Does social media help SEO?

Yes. When a search engine ranks your website, it considers the links that are present around the Internet that click back to your website. Depending on your number of links and which websites they are on, your website will be assigned an authority. By having a presence on social media, you have a way to share your links and hope others will share them even further, giving you more authority. Search engines also monitor and take into account your presence on social media including your number of followers, how often you post or tweet, whether your website has social sharing buttons, and more.

Which social media networks to use for your business?

While it never hurts to have a presence on all of the major social media networks, you rarely need to be on every one. Certain networks work better for certain industries. For example: Photo-driven Pinterest is a great opportunity for clothing companies while the fast pace of Twitter is great for the music industry. Before you begin social media, figure out which networks are right for your business and create a plan for using them.

How does social media help your business?

Social media plays a large part in how we communicate with each other. By having a presence on social media, your business can stay in touch with customers, your target audience, and other businesses in your industry. You can also keep your followers up to date by sharing the latest news, products, information, etc. from your business.

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