Voice Analytics

How Can Voice Analytics Improve My Business?

The successful operation of your business depends on many factors. No matter your business model, you not only need reliable information on how your business is performing, but also need the tools to analyze this information in meaningful ways.

Advanced Analytics

How to Improve Your Website with Advanced Analytics

Websites that accomplish everything you want are never the result of happenstance. Targeted marketing that effectively promotes and expands on your products or mission is always the driving force behind any successful campaign.

digital marketing experts

3 Ways We Take Web Analytics Even Further

One of the best ways to track your marketing campaign’s success is through the¬†web analytics program that we offer to all of our clients. When you know the details of your website, you can track conversion rates, traffic statistics, your ranking in search engine results, and keyword phrases for your industry.

The Details Behind Dark Traffic

Did you know? A significant amount of your website’s traffic doesn’t get accounted for in your web analytics, and because it’s unaccounted for, it can’t be factored into your marketing assessments. The common term for this mystery traffic is “dark traffic,” but what exactly is it and what can it do?

What Analytics Can Do for You

Have you ever wanted to do something to market your company, but weren’t sure if it would work? When you invest in an analytics program, you’ll actually be able to test out your ideas and see the results, which lets you make more logical decisions for the future.

Will Big Data Be Blended Too?

We came across a recent Forbes article from Adrian Bridgwater that not only discusses the latest concept of data blending, but explores the idea of blending big data. At our digital marketing agency, we’re always looking for the latest in analytics and thought we’d share.

Why Try A/B Testing?

If you’re looking for marketing solutions that will make your SEO marketing campaign as effective as possible, testing what appeals to consumers most is a must. Many businesses put their faith into their marketing solutions and assume that if they are getting leads, their marketing campaign must be working.

5 Web Analytics Trends of 2015

We know it’s already April, but the year is still young, and our web analytics consulting company is expecting to see some changes in analytics this year. Here are some of the trends we think will be the most prominent for 2015.

Go Beyond Traditional Analytics

Knowing where your website traffic comes from (whether it be organic search engines or paid advertisements) is a great way to track the success of your marketing campaign, but do you ever wish you would invest in other ways? Perhaps ways that are customized specifically to your business?

Prove Your Digital Marketing with Analytics

Tracking the success of your business is a lot easier when you have a digital marketing strategy that works. Many times, companies blindly spend money on strategies without the ability to determine how much the strategy is actually helping. They simply trust in the tactic and continue to invest in it month to month. However, simply having a digital marketing strategy doesn’t always mean it’s going to succeed.