The 15 Most Popular Social Media Sites in the World

Social media has been taking over the world for several years, and everyone from celebrities to businesses to organizations to regular joe’s have been tapping into the most popular platforms. Here are the 15 most used networks in the world.

Being Professional vs. Being Personal on Social Media

Today, nearly everyone has a profile on at least one social media site, which friends, family members, and even employers can see what you’ve been posting. So the big question is: How much should you let your true personality show? Our internet marketing company found an article from Heidi Cohen, creator of Actionable Marketing Guide, that sheds some light on the subject.

Live Video Getting More Popular, Thanks to Social Media

It wasn’t too long ago that social media platforms like Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram launched video sharing services, and the feature became wildly popular. Now, several platforms are introducing live video and are hoping for the same level of success.

Can’t Sleep Well? Social Media May Be Why…

In just a few years, smartphone usage in the U.S. has nearly doubled. Back in 2011, around 35% of Americans owned a smartphone, but as of today, that number is up to 64%. While some are using their phones to check emails, shop, or make calls, many are using them for social media – and are probably lacking in sleep.

Starbucks’ Red Cup Design Was a Bad Idea… Or Was It?

If you haven’t heard by now, much of society has been in an uproar because of Starbucks’ annual holiday cups. Each year, the coffeehouse chain features a red cup with a festive Christmassy decoration such as snowflakes, ornaments, Christmas tree […]

A “Dislike” Button for Facebook?

Since 2009, Facebook users have been able to express their appreciation for a comment or post, but they haven’t been able to express their dislike. The idea of a “Dislike” button in addition to the already popular “Like” button has been floating around the Internet for the past couple years, and it seems like the social media giant has plans to develop it.

5 Benefits of Social Media for Your Business

Social media sites like Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest have become a necessity in any business’s digital marketing campaign. With around 1.4 billion people on Facebook, more than 970 million accounts on Twitter, and more than 70 million Pinterest users, social media offers you the potential to reach a vast amount of people and increase your business.

The Benefits of Using Your Personal Twitter Account for Business

At Prager, we try to hammer home the idea that social media is an important part of any business. Having a presence on a network like Twitter can help a company stay connected with current customers and reach out to new ones. But what about your personal account?

Is Facebook’s Messenger App the Next Big Platform?

Last year, Facebook launched its Messenger app to try to connect people with their friends and family on a more exclusive level. Users found out that if you used the mobile app, you would no longer be able to send messages through Facebook.

The Latest from Facebook: Places, Privacy, and Auto-Play

As you know probably know by now, Facebook is constantly making changes to their website and user experience to try to be the best social network online. Here’s what they’ve been up to lately.