Social Media Trends

Social Media Trends to Expect in 2019

Leveraging your social media traffic is an important priority for any business that wants to increase profits in 2019. If you need help increasing or expanding your social media marketing campaigns,

Leave Your Twitter Marketing to Prager

While social media marketing has its own overall strategy, the strategy for each platform should be different. What works for Facebook may not work for Pinterest; what works for Pinterest may not work for Instagram. When it comes to Twitter marketing, there are certain actions that need to be taken to help build up your brand. At Prager, we can help you do that with a personalized Twitter marketing strategy.

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Facebook Pushes Even Further Towards Chip Development

Right now, big tech brands like Apple and Google are producing their own silicon chips to power their products, and Facebook wants in on the action. Earlier this year, the social media giant began the process of creating its own chips to power its devices and servers and now, it’s hiring one of Google’s head chip developers to continue the process. 

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Visual Content: 5 Things to Consider for Social Media

One of the best things about social media is how easy it is to share visual content. While many get their information by reading it, nearly everyone would rather see it. That’s where a visual presence on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and more can come in handy. By creating and sharing visual content with your followers, you can increase your audience and appeal to more people. Here, our digital marketing experts share some things to consider for your content.

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Facebook’s New Program Will Teach Digital Skills to People Around the Country

Don’t look now, but Facebook is on the move again. Today, the company announced a new program called Community Boost that’s designed to improve the digital skills of a variety of people around the country; according to the website, the goal is to provide U.S. businesses and workers with “the digital education and skills they need to compete in the new mobile economy.”

This Year, Use Social Media to Drive Holiday Sales

It’s only a few days after Halloween and many companies have already jumped on the opportunity to begin their holiday marketing. Each year, it seems like the references to joy, jingle bells, and kids unwrapping gifts on Christmas morning begin earlier and earlier, but while you’re likely scouring at the fact that it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, the companies who already have the ball rolling may actually be on to something.

The Importance of Social Media in Today’s Marketing World

Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately, you’ve heard about some of the most recent incidents that have been taking social media by storm. From United Airlines’ passenger removal to Pepsi’s demonstration-centered advertisement, the actions taken by today’s brands are subject to immediate praise or criticism via social media.

Do People Buy the Brands They Follow on Social Media?

Businesses both large and small have caught onto the fact that they need to have a presence on social media. From Twitter to Facebook to Instagram and more, businesses are using these platforms to advertise their products, share their latest news, and reach out to customers.

Social Media Campaigns That Led to an Increase in Business

Social media can be a powerful sales tool and while some campaigns may not have quite the influence you hope for, others can give you great results. Here are five social media campaigns that led to increased business, compliments of CNBC.

Why Should Your Business Be on Social Media?

Today’s social media world isn’t just for individuals anymore – there are now millions of businesses that are present on platforms like Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, and more. In addition to expanding your presence on the internet, being present on social media can also help you.