Google Now Encrypts All Keyword Searches

In the world of search engine optimization, keyword phrases are a very important part of gauging your digital marketing success. So what happens when you can’t track them on Google? …We’re about to find out.

Twitter’s Keyword Advertising

You know those yellow ads you see in Google search results that are based on the keywords you’ve entered? Twitter recently introduced its own version.

Including Mobile Search in Your Keyword Strategy

There are a lot of businesses out there that focus their marketing energy on tactics that can improve their online presence. Paid search and search engine optimization have become important cogs in the consumer exposure machine for businesses in all […]

Paid Search’s New Format

As businesses continue to fine-tune their online marketing efforts, the methods they are choosing are constantly evolving to be more informative and more engaging to users, which, in turn increases their effectiveness. Paid search management is a prime example of […]

Paid Search Spend Increases in 2010

2010 was an exciting time for online marketing. A lot of businesses initiated a variety of online marketing tactics, in hopes of enduring the economic recession. Targeting their industry’s online market share became a more relevant necessity, as businesses really […]

Google’s Adwords Accuracy Could Cost You Money

Businesses that use Google Adwords for their sponsored advertisements depend on Google to place their ads on search results pages when keywords that are relevant to their business are entered into the search query by users. When a business’ ads […]

Yahoo/Bing Ad Transition Deadline

Businesses that depend on Yahoo Search Marketing for their paid search management campaign should be aware that the deadline for transitioning their ad accounts to Bing’s Microsoft adCenter is coming up very soon. With Yahoo and Bing synergizing their services, […]

Paid Search Spend Increases for Black Friday

For Black Friday and Cyber Monday, retailers in a variety of industries are increasing the budgets on their paid search management for terms that are relevant to their products. This trend is a result of the expected potential for sales […]

Bing’s Paid Search Activity on the Rise

Microsoft’s search engine,, has recently seen an increase in the amount of activity that they receive through their paid search management program. The overall market for paid search has increased by 5.8% year-over-year in the third quarter, as the […]

Search Marketing is Larger than SEO and Paid Search

It’s easy to separate the search marketing industry into two divisions: search engine optimization (SEO marketing) and paid search management, when you don’t understand their actual power or depth. The truth of the matter is, search marketing has become so […]