Improving Your Site’s Performance Helps SEO

Computer2In order for your website to be as effective as possible, it needs to be able to perform at a higher level. This means that its coding needs to be as clean as possible. For those of you who don’t know what website coding is, it’s the series of commands that actually creates the layout and functionality of your site. It’s the “behind the curtain” foundation that makes your site usable and aesthetically pleasing. Your website’s code is responsible for promoting your business on the web, enticing your visitors to learn more about your business and ultimately, generating sales in your industry’s online market. It’s the basic element of what makes or breaks your business online.

It also can have a tremendous impact on how discoverable your website is. Search engine spiders that rank your site on major search engines analyze the layout of your code and index the information that they read through. The faster and easier these spiders can navigate your site and index it, the more credible they will view the information that is found on it. The best way to make it easier for spiders to navigate your site is to make sure that the code that makes up your layout is organized neatly and is as complete as possible. This means that your code doesn’t have any broken links and it doesn’t include an excessive amount of 301 redirects.

To test the performance level of your website, you can use programs like Firebug or Fiddler. These programs are specially designed to inspect the proficiency of your code. Sometimes, simply cleaning up your code, reorganizing it and repairing any broken links can have a positive effect on your rankings, which will also improve your website’s traffic. It’s a small improvement that could deliver tremendous results.

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