Google’s New Format for Display Ads

Google LogoGoogle display ads can be the next big thing for your business’ online marketing campaign. They give businesses the chance to reinforce their branding efforts and connect with potential prospects that are searching using keywords that are specific to a certain industry, but they can also prove their relativity by being displayed based on a users internet history.


But as the times change, so is Google’s format for their display ads. Google is now rolling out display ads that include video segments and it’s testing a new option for its display ads called TrueView. TrueView will allow users to not only skim through or skip the video that is being presented to them, but they can also choose the style of advertisements that they will view. Google will charge businesses that are using this type of advertisement per play, kind of like the pay per click ads that appear on search results.

The best way to stay ahead in the online marketing industry is to utilize the newest tools that are available to your business better than your competitors. Display advertising is one of the many tools that a lot of businesses are using, but aren’t using properly. In fact Google has stated that 99% of its clients that use display ads are limited to its top 1,000 clients. When you get on board with display ads and Google Trueview, you are increasing the amount of potential exposure for your business, which will increase its profitability.

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