Google +1 Analytics

google+1Google’s +1 feature is becoming more widely accepted in the online world. Recently, Google announced that they are going to make the +1 button available for not only listings featured on their search results, but they are also going to make it available for entire sites. This will allow users to put their personal approval on a site, for all of the members of their social network to see. People can use this feature to make their search experience much quicker because they can clearly see that somebody that they know has endorsed certain sites that appear on the search results page for their query.

But what Google is offering now with their +1 feature could help web developers make their sites better quality. Google has announced that they are going to feature analytics for their +1 feature. The analytics that Google is making available will allow webmasters to see the amount of +1 endorsements their site currently has, the click through rate of users that have been referred to their site that have had someone in their social network +1 the site and the click through rate of users who didn’t have a +1 approval. It will give site owners the ability to see how effective +1 is for generating exposure and will show them how important “word of mouth” advertising can be.

They are also including a feature called Audience Report which will give you information on the geographic locations of people who clicked the +1 and the demographic information that is available. This will help you see who is responding to your site best, so you can create marketing tactics that your actual customers can easily relate to.

Providing webmasters with the ability to track +1 activity on their sites is the best way that Google can encourage site owners to really push the +1 function on their visitors, so that it becomes more accepted. Google is probably going to use this information to adjust their credibility algorithm further down the road but as of now, it is only to improve Google’s user experience.

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