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Duck-Duck-GoThe search engine popularity competition continues as new search engines are being developed every day. The members of our web development agency know that developers are always looking to create a search engine that provides users with a new experience that will revolutionize how we look for information on the web. Google has had a stronghold on the top spot for many years now, but with privacy concerns that have recently come to light, the amount of users that are looking for a secure way to search is steadily increasing. To accommodate this newly developed trend, a more private way to search the web that protects user information has become the objective for a lot of “start-up” search engines. Their hopes is that they can create a search process that will give users confidence that they are safe from the watchful eye of analytics programs.

That was the goal of Gabriel Weinberg, who is the main brain behind the development of a new search engine called Duck Duck Go, which uses sites like Wikipedia to provide users with information that will educate them about the topic they are searching for first, before it gives them results that will be more targeted towards sales. For example, if you enter into Duck Duck Go’s search bar “Hot Dogs”, before it gives you any natural search listings, it provides you with an in-depth definition of the keyword that you have entered. Usually it will present you with an excerpt from Wikipedia that explains what it is, it will give you any colloquialisms that exist for that term or it will simply provide you with a definition. This information appears in Duck Duck Go’s infamous “Red Box”.

The Red Box is presented to the user before other information to make the search process simpler and much more enjoyable. Users will be able to gather the information they need quickly, without having to sort through pages of links, trying to find a credible site that will provide them with what they need to know. It’s a time saving function that can increase the overall experience of using the search engine. Duck Duck Go calls this new approach to search “Zero-Click Info”.

But what makes Duck Duck Go so noteworthy is the privacy they are going to provide users. If you use this search engine, your user behavior won’t be tracked, because it utilizes a series of encrypted relays that will mask your search activity. It was also designed to identify and discard low quality content that was created by content mills with the intentions to not really inform users about topics, but instead just obtain better search result rankings for clients. This will provide users with a more credible search experience that delivers relevancy instead of just following an algorithm and ranking links according to their technical rating.

Overall, Duck Duck Go is expected to make a significant impact on the search world because it is focused on the completely novel concepts of search privacy and surface information discovery. A lot of online users are looking for a search alternative that will provide them with vital information without having to leave the search engine and one that will keep their search activity kept private. That is why Duck Duck Go might be a viable alternative to the major names in search for a lot of people.

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