When Choosing Your Web Design Colors…

web design colors

You just got done designing your very own website for your business – you have clear call-to-actions, a visible phone number, pages that are easy to navigate, a clean layout, and great images. But what you may not have thought about are your website’s colors. Sure, brown and gold is a nice color scheme, but does it really speak to your target audience?

Different colors evoke different emotions, and by picking and choosing the emotions of your website visitors, you can impact their view of your brand. Some common emotions associated with colors include:

  • Red – passion, strength, power, energy, and excitement
  • Orange – joy, creativity, happiness, success, and enthusiasm
  • Yellow – excitement, cheerfulness, intellect, energy, and liveliness
  • Green – healthiness, nature, refreshment, growth, and safety
  • Blue – calmness, trust, wisdom, confidence, and peacefulness
  • Purple – power, spirituality, luxury, wonderment, and sophistication
  • Black – elegance, power, stability, mystery, and dependability
  • White – purity, trust, innocence, perfection, and safety

That being said, consider your industry and your audience before you choose a color scheme for your website. If you’re a health insurance company, you may want to consider colors that make your audience feel safe and trustworthy (aka, blue or white). If you’re promoting a fitness program for young adults, you may want to go with red or yellow to promote strength or energy.

For example, green evokes the feelings of health and nature, which is why it’s Whole Foods’ main brand color. Purple evokes the feelings of luxury and wonderment, which is why Cadbury chocolates are wrapped in the color.

Multivariate Testing

The best part of modern analytics is that you can test your website colors to see which ones visitors respond to more. We offer multivariate testing services, where we can set up banners, call-to-actions, or entire pages with different colors of your choice and send some web users to one and some to another. Over time, we’ll be able to tell which color choice resulted in more engagement.

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