How to Pick the Right Web Design Company

web design companySo you’ve started your own business and now you need a web design company. Whether you’ve tried building a website in the past and failed or are starting from scratch, you’ll want a professional, reliable company to build your website. Before you decide, consider these things:

How long has the company been in business?

Putting all of your money into a web design company that has only been in business for a year may not be such a good idea. You want to look for a company with many years of experience – they’ll have a better idea of how to solve your problems and can lend more creative ideas.

Do you want a template or a custom design?

While templates may be cheaper, they can be used by many other businesses, which means your website will look like others. In order to stand out from your competition, it’s better to have a custom web design that makes a statement all your own. If you decide on a custom web design, make sure you know what kind of design your company plans to create; some companies will try to charge you for a custom web design and use a template.

Will the company update you throughout the process?

When considering a web design company, find out if they’ll create a clear-cut strategy for your business and keep you up to date on how the design is going. A good company will include you in the process.

Do you need content?

This isn’t a dire consideration when choosing a web design company, it’s just one that will make your life easier. If you need content for your website, look for a company that also offers content strategy (like our Philadelphia web design company). This way, you won’t have to find and deal with a separate company for your content – you can use one for both.

Do you want to own your website?

The answer should be yes – owning your own website means you won’t have to track down your web designer every time you want to make a change. You’ll also be able to access your domain name, which comes in handy if your hosting provider doesn’t work out. Before committing to a web design company, make sure you’ll have ownership of your website.

Does the company offer responsive web design?

A responsive web design will automatically adjust to fit any size screen that your website visitor is using, and with the ever-growing use of technology, a responsive web design is something you should consider. Whether your visitor browses through your website on a smartphone or a tablet, they’ll get the best user experience possible without having to pinch and zoom to view your content or interactive elements.

Does the company use contracts?

Hiring a web design company that doesn’t use contracts can be risky, since contracts are used to protect both parties in the deal. Look for a company that will scope out project details (like dates, times, and deadlines), prices, payment due dates, and the handling of future work.

Do you like the people?

Although simple, this is a big thing to consider when hiring a web design company. You may find one that will build you a website for a great price, but if you don’t like working with them, you won’t be happy. Find a company with people who are understanding, flexible, and friendly – it will make the process much easier.

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