Will Google’s Tracking Blocker Affect Google Analytics

Google AnalyticsProtecting privacy for online users is a very important topic that is always in the headlines. Google recently has announced that they are going to contribute to protecting online users’ privacy by providing a global browser-based plug-in that will allow users to opt out of being tracked by their Google Analytics software. There is speculation that this will be available very soon.

This will not only benefit users who are concerned about their private information, it will also help Google, because the search engine is always defending itself against accusations from privacy watchdogs that they are sharing information with other companies. This isn’t the first time Google has tried to offer its users a chance to better protect their privacy. As a proactive response to privacy concerns that Google might have received after releasing its behavioral targeting ads, a browser based plug-in was developed that allowed users to choose not to be tracked by the application. But this plug-in is only effective if users actually install it and use it. Unless this plug-in is properly utilized, Google Analytics will still track user activity.

Possible Problems

This plug-in could cause a few problems for a lot of webmasters that depend on Google Analytics to provide them with vital information, but before anyone jumps the gun, they need to understand that Google Analytics tracking could already be turned off, simply by turning of javascript while on the web. Plus, there is a large amount of Google users who aren’t going to be interested in installing this plug-in, because they aren’t concerned with being a part of Google’s statistics, which means that Google Analytics will continue to be one of the most effective tracking programs on the web today.

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