Using Web Coupons to Track Your Online Marketing Success

TrackingA lot of businesses quickly boost the results of their online marketing campaign by offering their customers discount prices or other specials that can only be obtained through a promotional code or coupon that is featured on their website. This is a great way to keep visitor traffic to your website steady, but this shouldn’t be the only reason to offer clients online only coupons.

A lot of businesses don’t realize the actual power of online-only coupons and underestimate the amount of information they can provide for you as a retailer. Online coupons can be a useful tool that can actually track the proficiency of your online marketing campaign. High-level technology that will give you a solid understanding of what efforts are working can be implemented into your marketing strategy to help you streamline your online marketing plan. This increased efficiency for your marketing campaign will allow you to conserve resources and still reach potential prospects effectively.

Using Codes for Research

By incorporating special codes on to your online only coupons, variables like which keywords drew your potential prospect into your site, which advertisement caught their attention, which page made them interested in converting from a prospect to a buyer or what time of day the coupon was printed out or downloaded can be easily discovered. All of this information can be used to improve your online marketing campaign. You will be able to eliminate the guesswork that is usually involved with finding out which of your online marketing efforts is working and you will be able to design your marketing strategy on what has actually been proven to be effective. This is the best type of marketing research, because it is 100% accurate. It’s not based on hypothetical situations, it instead gets its results from actual examples of success.

This approach to online marketing can work with both your storefronts and your online E-commerce site. Simply by identifying the code that is located on the coupon when the purchase is completed in your store or by having customers input the code that is on their coupon into their E-commerce order, you will be able to see exactly what part of your marketing plan worked. Then all you have to do is transfer your marketing resources away from tactics that aren’t worth the results they are creating to marketing tactics that have attracted more beneficial results.

Prager specializes in these types of tracking techniques. We can help you identify what elements of your online marketing campaign are working properly so that your business can shift its marketing energy towards what is bringing in revenue. Contact our web analytics consulting experts for more information.

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