New Google Analytics Dashboard Features

Google AnalyticsUnderstanding Google’s analytics program and using it to your business’ advantage is crucial if you want to increase your sales and online presence.  Google Analytics can give you the opportunity to have a lot of useful information at your fingertips, in real time, which will allow you to adjust your online marketing efforts, so that you can maximize its profitability. To assist you in achieving the goal of having the most effective online marketing campaign in your industry, Google has added a supplemental program to its Analytics dashboard to better serve its users called the Google Analytics Status Dashboard. This program is a quality control feature that Google has created so that users can make sure that each part of their Analytics accounts is working to its optimum proficiency. This feature will alert you if there is any problems with the technology that is being used to record your website’s visitor’s behavior and traffic patterns.

Functionality Check

The new dashboard will allow you to check the functionality of three important elements of the analytics program. You will be able to see if the data collection, web reports and Gdata API systems are all collecting and displaying information correctly, so you can verify that the stats you are viewing are accurate. After all, an analytics program is only as good as the information that it is generating. This is expected to help any sized business that depends on Google Analytics for its website’s visitor information.

Businesses who use Google Analytics to monitor their website’s success should definitely implement Google Analytics Status Dashboard into their Google Analytics campaign, if they want to obtain the most reliable information about their visitor’s activity. Prager Microsystems team of analytics specialists can help you better understand any analytics information that is being presented to you, so that you can streamline your online marketing campaign. Our web analytics consulting can help you identify trends and traffic patterns to increase your business’ profits.

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