Youtube Presents “Skipable Ads”

YouTube is offering a more respectable alternative to “force feeding” their users’ sponsored advertisements by giving them the ability to skip specially selected ads while viewing videos. Most marketing specialists will agree that this isn’t the best practice for YouTube, …

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Yahoo Mail’s Beta Version

With the help of social media consulting, social media is quickly becoming a more recognizable influence in our everyday lives. It is completely changing how we communicate, how we spend our time and what we share about our lives. It …

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Fine-Tuning Your YouTube Advertising Campaign

YouTube is trying to increase the effectiveness of their ad space by allowing businesses to choose which videos their advertisements will be featured on. Advertising on YouTube can be a very effective way to increase the exposure of your business to the general populace of YouTube users.

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YouTube Extends Upload Length

YouTube has made a dramatic change to its service offerings in order to accommodate anyone who uploads content. Now YouTube users have 15 minutes of upload space for each video, instead of the once standard 10 minutes. This is going to mean a lot for businesses who depend on YouTube as a major part of their online marketing campaigns.

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Will Smartphones Have an Impact on Search Engine Popularity?

The increase of the popularity of Smartphones definitely has a major influence on the development of search engine popularity. It’s no secret that Google has a strong hold on search engine popularity, but as Smartphones become a more common choice for online users, will Google’s search esteem remain intact or will the search engine market become a little more competitive?

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