How Videos Can Boost Your SEO Efforts

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Today’s search engine optimization efforts have advanced from basics like directory listings and domain names to advanced algorithms and new search engine result filters. One element that has worked its way into SEO importance is video and in this blog by Edgy Labs, we discover the ways it can boost your business.

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On Marketing to Millennials…

The term “millennials” refers to those born between the early 1980s and mid-1990s and when it comes to lifestyles, the millennial lifestyle is much different than those before it. Millennials grew up with the boom of electronics, technology, and social media, which means they respond to marketing efforts differently than older and younger generations.

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How to Convert a Flash Animation to HD Video

I fell in love with Flash about 12 years ago. I was halfway through a degree in Commercial Design, feeling pretty unsure of myself and what I had signed up for. Some classes were great, but others seriously made me question my career path (i.e., QuarkXPress *shudder*).

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SEO for Video

Videos have improved the efficiency of many different types of online marketing actions. They give users a better understanding of the sales message that is being presented and they eliminate any confusion by using stunning images and clear audio to connect with consumers.

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YouTube’s Next New Network

Recently, YouTube announced that it will be purchasing one of the largest social video networks, Next New Network. This is a popular forum that allows video creators to connect with larger networks and attract more subscribers. Ultimately it allows content …

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Youtube Presents “Skipable Ads”

YouTube is offering a more respectable alternative to “force feeding” their users’ sponsored advertisements by giving them the ability to skip specially selected ads while viewing videos. Most marketing specialists will agree that this isn’t the best practice for YouTube, …

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