Google Is Planning a Drone Delivery Service

It looks like Amazon isn’t the only one with plans for a drone delivery. About a year ago, Google’s secret research lab, Google X, introduced its plans for a drone delivery system called Project Wing. Now, there’s a estimated launch date to look forward to.

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Going Green: 5 Big Brands Using Renewable Energy

Today, more and more big brands are showing their support for the environment by reducing their energy consumption and investing in solar power, wind power, and hydroelectricity projects. In addition, many are taking smaller steps within their companies to cut carbon emissions and create renewable energy goals. Here are five big brands that are investing in cleaner solutions.

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Brand Battles: Target vs. Walmart

The battle between Target and Walmart has been going on for years. While each attracts a certain type of shopper, both promise convenience and low prices. We compared some of the main elements that make up these two stores, including their background, audience, product offerings, and marketing efforts.

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2009’s Online Spending Reaches $39 Billion

Online retailers in 2008 completed $38 billion in sales, but according to a study completed by comScore, a marketing research company that focuses on online sales, in 2009, online retailers were able to complete transactions that added up to $39 billion in the fourth quarter of the year.

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