How Videos Can Boost Your SEO Efforts

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Today’s search engine optimization efforts have advanced from basics like directory listings and domain names to advanced algorithms and new search engine result filters. One element that has worked its way into SEO importance is video and in this blog by Edgy Labs, we discover the ways it can boost your business.

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Improve Your Email Marketing… with Videos

Today, more and more business owners are implementing videos in their email marketing campaigns to capture the attention of their subscribers and increase their sales. Videos allow you to capture more, making it easier for your subscribers to retain the information you’re giving them. In fact, a recent survey shows that 90% of business owners claimed to notice a significant increases in conversions when they included a video in their marketing emails.

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Making the Web Accessible

Most things in our world are made to accommodate many kinds of people, particularly, those who are disabled in some way. Braille is on most public signs, and there are wheelchair ramps on many buildings. Movie theaters offer listening devices and many vehicles can be modified to be driven in non-traditional ways (hand brakes, etc).

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SEO for Video

Videos have improved the efficiency of many different types of online marketing actions. They give users a better understanding of the sales message that is being presented and they eliminate any confusion by using stunning images and clear audio to connect with consumers.

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Video Advertising Continues to Gain Ground

Video advertising is an extremely effective online marketing method because it clearly communicates your message and reinforces your branding efforts. When your business uses videos to connect with your potential prospects, you eliminate any confusion and you can perfectly clear about your intentions, since videos provide your prospects with both audio and video assurance.

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YouTube’s Next New Network

Recently, YouTube announced that it will be purchasing one of the largest social video networks, Next New Network. This is a popular forum that allows video creators to connect with larger networks and attract more subscribers. Ultimately it allows content …

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