7 Web Design Trends of 2013

Web design is a delicate process and as technology advances, building a website that stands out is becoming even more difficult. Last year, we saw some web design trends popularize, such as multi-column menus and banner graphics. Here are some we think might be big this year…

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The Perks of Working at Google

Google began as a search engine research project by two Stanford University students. Today, with the help of over 30,000 intelligent and motivated “Googlers,” the global company has made breakthrough moves to improve the user search experience. So how does …

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Google +1 Analytics

Google’s +1 feature is becoming more widely accepted in the online world. Recently, Google announced that they are going to make the +1 button available for not only listings featured on their search results, but they are also going to make it available for entire sites. This will allow users to put their personal approval on a site, for all of the members of their social network to see.

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Google Instant Pages

Google Chrome users can now take advantage of a new feature that will help them search much faster. Google has launched a new tool, called Instant Pages, which is expected to improve the way search results are loaded for users. It’s a fast-moving piece of technology that uses prediction based programs to customize and improve the search experience for Google users.

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Client Spotlight

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