Why Try A/B Testing?

If you’re looking for marketing solutions that will make your SEO marketing campaign as effective as possible, testing what appeals to consumers most is a must. Many businesses put their faith into their marketing solutions and assume that if they are getting leads, their marketing campaign must be working.

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Web Design Tips for HVAC Company Marketing

If you’re an HVAC company who needs a little help getting your marketing campaign off the ground, our digital marketing agency can help. When it comes down to it, your business’s website is one of your most important marketing elements.

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When Choosing Your Web Design Colors…

You just got done designing your very own website for your business – you have clear call-to-actions, a visible phone number, pages that are easy to navigate, a clean layout, and great images. But what you may not have thought about are your website’s colors. Sure, brown and gold is a nice color scheme, but does it really speak to your target audience?

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We’re Ahead of the Mobile Curve

We have good news for mobile-friendly websites – especially websites that have been designed by the responsive web design experts at Prager: Beginning April 21st of this year, Google will be improving the indexing and ranking of websites that are mobile-friendly.

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4 SEO Tactics to Leave Behind

Search engine optimization is all about boosting the number of website visitors to a specific website by ensuring that website ranks highly on search engine results lists. (To put it simply, if your website is at the top of Google’s list, more people will click on it.) In order to get to the top of results lists, however, it takes a handful of SEO tactics.

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Web Design: Fashion vs. Function

When someone learns about your company, one of the first things they’re going to do is look you up online and go to your website. And if you’re a company that does a lot of online business, your website will be your biggest sales tool and will be what you rely on to draw in new customers.

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Client Spotlight

Check out some of the work we've done to help these clients succeed: