Click-Through Rates and Your Tweets

A lot of businesses are using Twitter to expand the potential of their business (including our digital marketing firm), but not a lot of businesses understand what their actual goals should be with this type of advertising. Using Twitter to promote your business extends beyond just building your social network of followers. You have to make sure that you engage your followers so that they get your message and respond accordingly.

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Bing Improves Integration of Twitter

The power behind social media consulting has made it a driving force in the online world. People’s interest in being able to express themselves online and connect with other users has made social media one of the most influential elements that exists on the web today. Its popularity has changed the way we communicate and changed the way we use the internet.

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Sometimes, all you need is 140 characters to promote your business. For those of you who agree, you are going to love Twellow. Twellow infuses Twitter with Yellow Pages to provide users with information quickly.

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Timing Your Tweets

Twitter is becoming a very popular media for generating exposure for businesses. A lot of businesses are taking advantage of its ability to connect users and allow them to transfer information instantly.

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Twitter Places

Location-based applications are all the rage on big social media forums. After Facebook announced that it will include a location-based application with its mobile dashboard, a fury of other social services jumped to the conclusion that location applications were going …

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Client Spotlight

Check out some of the work we've done to help these clients succeed: