Google’s AdMob Breaks Down Mobile’s Ad Details

In order to analyze the importance of increasing mobile advertising efforts, Google has recently published the information that was collected by a program it created called AdMob. This program monitors the amount of times a mobile advertisement is requested from smartphones and other mobile internet devices and can even decipher the location of where the request for the advertisement was made.

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New Google SERPs Available on Mobile Searches

Recently, Google has released a new format for its search results pages that includes a variety of tools that are designed to make searching faster and more accurate. Providing mobile search users with the tools they need to find the information they want quickly is going to help Google maintain its top spot as the most frequently used search engine.

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The Bing Application for iPhone

As an attempt to cut in on the mobile search market share that Google has harnessed by being the default search engine for Apple’s iPhone and iPod Touch, has recently updated its search application. This update was designed to “iron out” some of the previous problems that were featured on the original application.

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Mobile E-commerce: Shopping on the Go

The domestication of mobile internet devices is expected to increase as we head into the future. If you are running an E-commerce site and it isn’t mobile compatible, you are missing out on some potential mobile sales. There is a virtually untapped resource of consumers who are looking for your products on their mobile internet devices.

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Facebook Tops Google for Users

The popularity of social media has taken the internet by storm. When comparing growth rates between Facebook and Google year to year, Facebook’s impressive 185% trumps Google’s 9%. This swing in popularity summarizes a lot of important trends in the online world, mainly the domestication of social media.

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