Brand Battles: Starbucks vs. Dunkin’ Donuts

For years, two popular coffee brands have been battling for customer appreciation and have worked hard to get it. While there are many similarities between each company, there are also many differences. Take a look at the background info, audience, menu, and marketing efforts of Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts.

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Mobile Efforts for Branding, Not Sales

Mobile devices have become incredibly popular and have redefined the way we surf the Internet, connect with friends and family, purchase products, and more. With such an increase in mobile, businesses have incorporated it as a large part of their marketing strategies – but not for sales… for branding.

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5 Upcoming Social Networks

Social media is huge and let’s face it – Facebook is getting a little old. Stay on the lookout for some of the newest social media platforms that we think will be getting some attention this year.

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Effects of the Apple-Samsung Patent Battle

Over the past month, our digital marketing agecy members have watched the news of the Apple-Samsung patent battle spread throughout the Internet as society eagerly waited to see which technology giant would come out on top. While the trial only lasted four weeks, the battle between Apple and Samsung has been going on for over a year.

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All Work and No Play?

Are you a workaholic? Do you find yourself answering business calls or emails outside of the office?┬áHave you forgotten what life was like without your smartphone? Join the majority of Americans who find it impossible to leave their work at …

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Mobile Payments Improve How We Shop

With the growing popularity of smart phones and the increase in security, users feel more confident in mobile shopping. That’s why companies like Starbucks and Google want to create ways to simplify mobile shopping payment processing so that we can more easily adapt it into our everyday lives.

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