Employers Asking for Facebook Passwords

Imagine going to a job interview and after answering all of the necessary questions and providing the right information, the interviewer asks you for your Facebook password. Would you hand it over? That’s what’s happening at various companies throughout the …

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Duck Duck Go

The search engine popularity competition continues as new search engines are being developed every day. The members of our web development agency know that developers are always looking to create a search engine that provides users with a new experience …

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Will Google’s Tracking Blocker Affect Google Analytics

Google recently has announced that they are going to contribute to protecting online users’ privacy by providing a global browser based plug-in that will allow users to opt out of being tracked by their Google Analytics software.his will not only benefit users who are concerned about their private information, it will also help Google, because the search engine is always defending itself against accusations from privacy watchdogs that they are sharing information with other companies.

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Client Spotlight

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