Social Media and Politics

When the last presidential election took place four years ago, social media was still on the rise (Pinterest and Google+ hadn’t even launched yet!), but over the past few years, new information-sharing websites have popped up and society has dived …

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The 2012 “Social Media Olympics”

So far, the events of this year’s Olympics have been thoroughly tweeted, liked, shared, +1ed, and pinned by social media users. The social media trend, which was still in its beginning stages when the Beijing Olympics of 2008 took place, has dominated the 2012 London Olympics (making it the first-ever “social media Olympics”) and has proven to make the games a little more… chaotic than usual.

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Pinterest: The Latest Social Media Craze

In a world dominated by the Internet, social media can be an incredibly helpful marketing tool for your business. But when it comes to social media, there are so many options that it can be hard to keep track of all of them. There is one website, however, that seems to be the recent buzz of avid social sharers: Pinterest.

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Expanding Your Social Network with Promotions

As Facebook advertising continues to become a more popular means of marketing businesses, finding new ways to expand social networks and generate a buzz about products and services through social media can be absolutely priceless. Maintaining your customer’s excitement about your company is the best way to construct an effective social media campaign.

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Client Spotlight

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